September 30, 2023


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Enormous alligator filmed in Florida sewer system with robotic digicam

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So the rumours are true. No, not the alien abduction ones, those about ‘gators dwelling within the sewers. Effectively, the Florida sewers, at any charge. One upkeep crew bought a little bit of a shock once they found a completely grown alligator inside a storm pipe this month.

The stormwater crew had been working for the Metropolis of Oviedo in Florida once they filmed the footage of the 5-foot-long reptile. At first, they thought they had been seeing the glowing eyes of a toad staring again at them out of the darkish. Fortuitously for them, it’s regular process to ship a robotic digicam to research quite than a junior crew member.

The robotic is a four-wheel robotic digicam that may go into the pipes and examine any anomalies underneath the roadway. They often carry the robotic out to examine when there are potential roadway defects to see if any pipes have leaks, cracks, or defects underground.

Because the robotic bought somewhat nearer to research, it turns into evident that that is no toad. The alligator stands up, then turns round and backs up the pipe, revealing its lengthy tail. The robotic follows for a short while.

“Simply one more reason to not go wandering down into the Stormwater pipes,” writes the Oviedo City Government. “Thank goodness our crews have a robotic,” they add.

I’m certain the crews are fairly grateful too! I’ll actually not be venturing down any storm drains in Florida!

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