September 21, 2023


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Spectacular Profitable Photographs of the 2022 Shut-Up Photographer of the Yr Awards » Design You Belief

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Shut-up Photographer of the Yr (CUPOTY) is a celebration of close-up, macro and micro images. A world competitors created to showcase pictures that assist us see the world anew.

The general prize went to this shot of two noticed salamanders being consumed by a northern pitcher plant in Algonquin provincial park, Canada. (Photograph by Samantha Stephens/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

Extra: CUPOTY, Instagram

A ravishing raft spider shot from underwater within the Gemenc forest in Hungary, the most important floodplain forest in central Europe. (Photograph by Boldizsár Szűcs/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

An in depth shot of the wing of a damselfly seen within the New Forest in the UK, by the winner of the younger photographer award. (Photograph by Nathan Benstead/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

A feminine leaping spider photographed on scorching sizzling rocks on Mjältön, Sweden. (Photograph by Gustave Parenmark/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

An enormous atlas moth, with a wingspan of greater than 9in, photographed on an areca nut plantation in Sirsi, India. (Photograph by Uday Hegde/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

Shot with a macro lens, this captures the second that two drops of oil merge. (Photograph by Matt Vacca/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

A scarlet waxcap frosted in morning dew and spiderwebs, captured at Ebernoe cricket pitch in West Sussex. (Photograph by Jeremy Lintott/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

A sea fan on the island of Aruba, dipped in seawater creating tiny seawater lenses. (Photograph by Angelo Richardson/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

A inexperienced cat spider guarding its nest of tiny offspring within the mountains of central Taiwan. (Photograph by Lung Tsai Wang/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

A snake digging itself within the sand to ambush its prey, subsequent to tracks left by a dune gecko within the Negev desert in Israel. (Photograph by Paul Lennart Schmid/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

A mimic octopus in larval type, shot in full darkness 300ft beneath the floor of the ocean at Anilao within the Philippines. (Photograph by Pietro Cremone/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

A schistidium moss, with intricate capsules formed like tiny flowers. It is just 1mm huge and thrives on rocks or concrete. This one was photographed in Ulleråker, Sweden. (Photograph by Harald Cederlund/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

Starlings feasting on crumbs from pizza and doner kebabs at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany. (Photograph by Anton Trexler/Shut Up Photographer of the Yr)

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