September 22, 2023


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Stays of Submerged Nabatean Temple Uncovered in Italy

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Italian archaeologists uncovered two marble altars from the misplaced metropolis of Puteoli, an Historic Roman commerce hub partially swallowed by the Gulf of Naples. Seismic exercise capsized elements of the Roman outpost; a up to date Italian metropolis named Pozzuoli stands on the shore of the identical Mediterranean cove.

Historic Greeks based Puteoli round 600 BCE. It turned a part of the Roman Empire and served as an important commerce hub for luxurious items and grain from Alexandria, Egypt.

The recovered altars had been a part of the “Temple of the Nabataeans,” based on the Italian Ministry of Tradition’s April 11 announcement. The ministry acknowledged that archaeologists have lengthy recognized the approximate location of the submerged temple, however solely not too long ago had been they in a position to decipher its precise resting place.

The 2 marble altars had been each a part of the identical temple.
The Gulf of Pozzuoli (a part of the bigger Gulf of Naples) submerged a part of the traditional Roman metropolis.

The Nabataeans had been a strong civilization of nomadic Arabian retailers. They constructed Petra in current-day Jordan across the third century BCE. The group retained energy in commerce networks and held a everlasting outpost in Puteoli. From their hub within the Roman metropolis, the Nabateans facilitated commerce between the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean, and mainland Arabia. They grew wealthy partially by controlling the supply of aromatics reminiscent of frankincense and myrrh to Historic Romans.

The commerce partnership turned the Nabataeans and Historic Romans into allies. Not lengthy after the not too long ago found marble altars had been created, nonetheless, the Historic Romans conquered Petra in 106 CE. Puteoli remained a commerce outpost for Rome till the Empire collapsed.

Different vital archaeological finds from the current-day metropolis of Pozzuoli embrace a statue devoted to Roman Emperor Domitian, a relief honoring an emperor, and a set of engraved glass flasks thought to have been distributed as late-Roman souvenirs. Town additionally has a well-preserved Roman amphitheater (the third largest in Italy) that stands safely above the Gulf of Naples.

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